The Only Token going for crypto billboard

We’re thrilled to announce that the Beellboard Token is officially available! Now’s your chance to claim plot on the billboard before everyone else.

What’s a Beellboard token ?

Good question! Beellboard is a decentralized billboard exchange built on top of Binance Smart Chain contracts. Starting today, you can obtain a virtual deed for plot of the Beellboard by purchasing a beellboard token ($BLB). Each token corresponds to one of only 7168 available part of crypto billboard, each of varying location an price.

How does it work ?

  1. With a web3-enabled browser, visit the Beellboard dApp to explore and select a part of beellboard, which we call a “plot.”
  2. Use the purchase form to submit a new transaction, along with a new selling price if you desire. You can also update this price at a later time.
  3. Once the transaction has been mined, you’ll see the plot appear in your wallet, where you can now transfer or edit it.

The beellboard exchange dApp allows you to view, buy, and sell beellboard plot in your browser.

How much is a Beellboard token worth ?

That’s up to you! We think that valuations will vary according to the position and client of the Beellboard. For example, the part on the center of the Beellboard may become more expensive since it’s most visible.

Is this an ERC20 token ?

Since real estate is non-fungible (NFT), it isn’t possible to send and receive $BLB like a traditional ERC20 token, but you can still use any ERC20-compatible wallet (like Metamask) to check your balance. We’ve implemented ERC721.

Now head to the Beellboard and claim your plot !



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Beell Board — The crypto billboard — Buy, sell and resell